iBox Nano

Mini printer résine.

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Il manque un auto-collant en téflon (User Guide (What is that tape on the bottom)) dans le fond de la cuve.

Impossible de garder le print sur le plateau montant. A tester selon le User Guide (What should I do if a print fails?):

  • Make sure the build plate is down far enough before starting a print.
  • Make sure the first few layers are over-exposed which increases the adhesion to the Build Plate. This is set in [Settings] as [First Layers : Over-Exposure Time and Count]
  • You can also use a large Foundation to assure the adhesion favors the Build Plate. This can be found in [Settings] [Foundation…]. Foundation layers print before the model layers and can have a higher exposure time and drive current than the model to increase adhesion to the Build Plate]


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